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Parent Participation

As a member of the West Memorial Tiger Sharks Swim Team, each family is REQUIRED to volunteer for a season long position.  If your swimmer qualifies for Meet of Champs you will be required to volunteer. Parents will choose their job upon registration and it will remain the SAME job all season. If there is a physical reason you CANNOT volunteer for all meets please reach out to the President at

Executive Board:

The Swim Team Board is comprised of seven unpaid volunteers who oversee all aspects of the West Memorial Swim Team. The Board usually begins monthly meetings in January to plan the upcoming swim season, with meetings becoming more frequent as the start of the season nears.

The Board takes on the following functional areas:

President/Vice President – These individuals will be the liaison for the coaching staff; oversees referees, judges, starters and timers to ensure smooth operation of the meet; ensures swimmers are developed to their fullest potential.  Ensures equipment such as tents, kickboards, pace clock, starter, etc. is available and functional.  Ensures pertinent information is communicated to coaches, staff and parents in a timely manner, and that the website is kept up to date

Secretary – Will take notes during meetings, follow up on outstanding action items discussed in meetings, ensure all required documents are complete and properly filed; documents correspondence, meeting notes, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator – No WHALe/Preseason training required. This volunteer will make sure all volunteer positions are filled prior to the meet and be responsible for email communication with parents regarding their commitment. This individual will also check-in parent volunteers as they arrive at each meet and will provide them with a clipboard, heat sheet (to those who need it), and a


WHALe Rep –  The league representative will ensure WMST e has full support in representing team interests with WHALe. They will be responsible for attending monthly meetings held by the league, communicating with other teams, and preparing the meet files.

Treasurer –  No WHALe/Preseason training required. handles bookkeeping, payroll, sponsors, vendors, etc.

LEAD Volunteers:

We thank all our volunteers because we could not conduct a swim meet without you!! The swimmers appreciate you so much!

The following volunteer positions are considered “LEAD” volunteer positions because of their commitment to the WMST. If you are interested in a lead position, please contact one of the Board members. Committing to a lead volunteer position fulfills your volunteer commitment to the team for the season, and we greatly appreciate your time!

Meet Director–This volunteer is in complete charge of the swim meet, including ejecting spectators for objectionable behavior, and has the final word in all disputes according to the League Bylaws. Must hold current WHALe certification and work all meets, both home and away. The Meet Director has full oversight of the Starter, Stroke and Touch‐turn judges, including ensuring meets are fully staffed. Notes disqualifications (DQs) to official scorekeeper, and makes final decisions when judges do not agree.

Starter –After referee or Meet Director’s signal, instructs swimmers to take mark, gives starting signal, and charges false starts. Also makes general announcements. Must hold current WHALe certification.  Must be available from start to end of all HOME meets.

Stroke Judge – Observe the swimmers within each heat of the meet to ensure that their strokes are legal according to the WHALe swimming rules. Infractions are reported to the Meet Director for the swimmer in question. All judges must hold current WHALe certification.

Touch Turn Judge – Observe the swimmers within each heat of the meet to ensure that all turns and touches are legal according to the WHALe swimming rules. They also watch for false starts on the relay takeoffs. Infractions are reported to the Meet Director for the swimmer in question. All judges must hold current WHALe certification.

Head Timer– Trains timers prior to each meets, ensures equipment is in working order, provides backup times for each race, and relieves Timers as necessary. Must commit to work each meet.  All head timers must hold current WHALe certification.

Console Operator - Each team must have at least two certified console operators. Training sessions will be held in the spring of each year to train and refresh the console operators. In order to obtain certification, the console operators will be required to attend one of the training sessions each year. The console operators will be responsible for managing the Dolphin Wireless console and the Meet Manager software. They will also receive the event timer sheets and double check automatic times against the backup times.   Console operator must hold current WHALe certification.

Concessions Coordinator– Estimates and purchases quantities of food/drink/candy for concession sales at home meets and time trials. Schedules vendors. Procures supplies (ice, chests, etc.) and ices down drinks prior to events. Sets up concession area prior to home meets. Packs up supplies after meets. Receives cash box from treasurer, counts petty cash, and keeps accounting of expenditures/revenues.

We have tried to make the following jobs as descriptive as possible to allow you to choose your volunteer duties wisely. Please understand that all jobs are important and imperative to the success of our meets. We take your commitment to volunteer seriously!

If you are scheduled to work a job at a meet and are unable to attend, YOU must arrange for a substitute (must be at least 16). If you do not show up to work at a meet and do not get a substitute, you will be assessed your volunteer commitment.

We tend to have 3 types of parent volunteers:

Type A: Those parents who are willing to do anything that needs to be done to make the meet run smoothly, often going above and beyond the required jobs. YOU ROCK!

Type 2: Those parents that do their required jobs, but …. That’s about it.

Type 3: Those parents who don’t show up, and/or constantly complain about everything.

Which TYPE of Parent Volunteer will YOU be?

All parents working at the meet will check in directly with the WMST Volunteer Coordinator at the Volunteer Check-In Table before reporting to your assigned area. NOTE: This includes ALL volunteers for both first and second halves of the meet. This is the only way parents will receive credit for working and to ensure a substitute does not have to be found for your volunteer duty.

After checking in, please proceed to your designated volunteer area. If you are volunteering for the second half of the meet, please pay attention to the meet and be aware that you need to report to your assigned area during event 35! Please be mindful that the 1st half volunteer is waiting to be relieved. If you are working a 2nd half or end of meet duty, you must remain at your duty until your duty is complete, regardless if your child is done swimming.

Wranglers (1 - Boys 6U; 1 - Girls 6U; 1 - Boys 7/8; 1 - Girls 7/8; 1 - Girls 9/10; 1 - Boys 9/10; 1 - Girls 11/12; 1 - Boys 11/12; 1 - Girls 13/18; 1 - Boys 13/18‐‐ Checks in swimmers for each meet; home and away. Works directly with the swimmers in that gender/age group for the entire meet. Wranglers make sure the swimmers are properly marked, lined up for races, and at the ready bench area receiving adult supervision. Wranglers will be given a heat sheet to be able to inform swimmers of their events, heats, and assigned lanes. They will escort swimmers to the deck ready bench area as these events approach. Wranglers must stay with their respective swimmers at all times unless in the water. They must know where their swimmers are at all times. They watch over their swimmers during the “down times” of the meet, reminding the swimmers to clean up after themselves, and generally helping the swimmers maintain appropriate behavior throughout the meet. Parents must check out their swimmer with the Wrangler (12 and under) after swimming their last race and prior to leaving the pool area.

Deck "Set Up" and "Clean Up" Crew Volunteer – Sets up ready‐bench area tents in all age group areas prior to the start of the meet; packs them up at sundown or at the completion of the meet. This is for all meets, home and away. Set-up is approximately 1 ½ hours prior to start of meet. Must be able to transport tents to away meets; will receive priority parking at all meets.

Concessions – Work in the concessions stand during home meets to sell various food items

Runners  – pick up timing slips from each lane and bring them to console table. You are responsible for making sure the console operator knows the timing slips are there. You will also pick up labels and take them to ribbon table. 

Ribbons – organizes and distributes ribbons to the swimmers based on placing information provided by the scorekeepers.

Timers – Time (using a provided stopwatch or Dolphin watch) and record times for swimmers during both home and away meets. Must be available 15 minutes prior to each meet for brief training from Head Timer and/or Meet Director. One writer per lane will record times on Timing Slips to be handed off to the runner. Children are not allowed with you at the end of the pool, but you will ALWAYS have the best seat in the house!

Volunteer Deposit:

You will be required to authorize a $200.00 volunteer guarantee deposit per family at the time of registration. However, the team would much rather have your time and commitment than your money – the deposit is NOT a buyout option. Your credit card hold will not be processed unless you do not complete your family’s volunteer requirement.

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