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Parent Code of Conduct


Purpose: In an effort to make the swim team experience a happy, memorable time, we want to promote the best possible conduct of all West Memorial Swimmers and Parents at practice, swim meets, and other team functions, and to create the best possible individual and team impressions.


  • A parent or another adult representative must be in attendance at every swim meet or their child(ren) will not be allowed to participate in that meet. NOTE: This does not apply to practice or children over age 16.
  • Parents must make their child(ren)'s emotional and physical well-being their
    number one priority during swim season.
  • Parents will not behave in such a way as to bring discredit to their child(ren),
    the team, or competitive swimming.
  • Parents will only address officials, all swimmers including the opposing team,
    parents, fans and coaches in a positive, respectful, and encouraging manner
    demonstrating fairness and sportsmanship.
  • Parents will stand behind the coach and support his or her decisions at all
    times and not place the coach in a position to have to be concerned with their
  • Parents will in no way disrupt the swim meet in which they are attending. They
    will express concerns regarding any rules or calls to the meet swim team board, at the conclusion of the meet.
  • Parents will remember that swimming is for the children and not for the adults.
  • Parents will keep all deck areas looking nice and clean and throw away all
    trash at practices, home meets and away meets.
  • Parents will supervise all their children during both practice and meets
    including those who are not registered to swim on the team.
  • Parents will bring and pick up their child(ren) promptly from practice as the
    coaches are not babysitters.
  • Parents will not drop children off or leave them at the pool/playground without
    designated adult supervision (unless over age 12).

At all practices, meets, and swim team events at the pool, we have a zero tolerance policy on the following:

  • alcohol consumption
  • illegal drugs
  • profanity
  • weapons
  • bullying
  • smoking inside the pool gate

Any violations of alcohol, drugs, weapons, smoking, profanity or bullying will
result in immediate removal of the entire family from the swim team without a

NOTE: Please understand that if any of the rules in the Parent and Swimmer Code of Conduct are broken, swim privileges and visitors privileges may be revoked at
the discretion of the coaches and or WMST Board Members
including not only temporary but possible permanent suspension with no refunds

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