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Swimmer Code of Conduct


Purpose: In an effort to make the swim team experience a happy,memorable time, we want to promote the best possible conduct of all West Memorial Swimmers and Parents at practice, swim meets and other team functions, and to create the best possible individual and team impressions.


  • Swimmers will obey the coach(es) at all times and will be supportive of judges and referees decisions.
  • Swimmers will not run around the pool or engage in horseplay during swim meets or practice.
  • Swimmers will swim only at the age appropriate time, unless a change was discussed with the coach.
  • Swimmers will stay out of the baby pool and back pool during swim meets or practice.
  • Swimmers will be responsible for picking up their belongings and trash after every practice and swim meet at our pool and competitors.
  • Swimmers will respect other everyone’s personal property (towels, clothing, goggles, eating or drinking what does not belong to me, etc.)
  • Swimmers will not wear cut-offs or two piece suits at practice and will wear the team authorized swim suit at all meets.
  • Swimmers will stay in the team area during meets with the ready bench parents.
  • Swimmers will be supportive of all swimmers and will not disrespect anyone within the pool area at any time.
  • Swimmers will not engage in un-sportsmanlike behavior, indiscreet or destructive behavior or the use of obscene language.
  • Swimmers will not dive into the shallow end except under the coach’s supervision.

NOTE: Please understand that if any of the rules in the Parent and Swimmer Code of Conduct are broken, swim privileges and visitors privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the coaches and or West Memorial Swim Team Board Members including not only temporary but possible permanent suspension with no refunds given.

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